August 17, 2013


From the title above...You'll gather I have something exciting to share. Which I do, so go ahead and direct your pretty little eyes downward.

I've been working on a project for my blog for the last couple of weeks. Most of it just sitting in my bedroom looking out my window..thinking. (Believe it or not I do a lot of that..hehe) and some writing in notebooks too, of course! This project I'm going to call "Falling Into Fall" where I will post at least once a week, on Thursdays. Falling Into Fall will begin in 2 weeks on September 1st. (!!!!) And end on October 31st.

 Every post will have something to do with the season Fall, anything from spicey fall treats, to how to style the latest fall trends. And of course, there will be PLENTY of RaNdOm AbBeY posts! Cause I just gotta share with y'all what I've been up to. I'm SO eager to begin. I hope my blog posts inspire you, make you smile or laugh, and get you off that computer and into the world. Because you only live once on this planet, so mine as well live it to the fullest right?! (Haha..As I say this I'm typing on my computer. Fail.) ANYWHO! Never ever ever ever EVER feel shy to comment an idea. Because I can't be the only one out there with ideas. And I love love LOVE it when anyone comments. I do a little dance in my chair and giggle and my whole world lights up for that one moment. So if you like to make people happy, comment and say hello! It will <3 <3 

If ya didn't know..I will inform ya now! I have a official FACEBOOK page for my blog. "like" it for updates and exclusive posts. (It's also a great way to contact me!) So check it out at:

I love you more then sparkles, but I must say goodbyes. 

Much love,

Abbey Noelle 

p.s Here's some pics from last fall. You deserve THE BEST for reading my blog: 

These are geese that swim around the lake right next to our house every fall. Sometimes there's a good 50-100 birds out there, if you don't scare them away by taking pictures. (Like I did) 

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