August 28, 2013

August Heat Wave

I must admit..the last few days have been dreadfully hot around here! Temps at least reaching a high of 90 degrees, if not higher. I've been drinking more water then usual..Probably because I'll eat two cup fulls of ice cubes if I have the option. They just taste so much better then plain ole water, dontcha know!??! ;) I've gone to our local Aquatic Park a few times..which never failed to cool me off the rest of the day. But my FAVORITE thing to do while it's hot outside (or in any weather really) is to eat ICE CREAM. You've gotta admit..this stuff below looks pretty darn good doesn't it?! Did I mention it's homemade? Yep. It is. Which makes it even better. You can't beat homemade ice cream. It's the bomb diggity. Here's some pictures taken right next to my computer in terrible disgusting lighting. I hope you're drooling. Cause I am.

All for now,     

XOXO Abbey

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