August 8, 2013

DIY: Colorful bobby pins!!

I'm the kind of girl who's gone through hundreds of packages of bobby pins. How can I help it?! They are useful for so many things, like putting up your hair in a billion ways (or more!), Marking your page in a book you've been reading (For you fellow bookworms) Or open a locked door like in the movies. (This has never worked for me) See? The possibilities are endless. They are also very small and can fit in any purse, even if you stuff your purse like me! ;) Here's how to snazzy up your bobby pins:

  • Put the desired amount of pins on a scrap piece of cardstock (make sure they are at least a few inches away from each other)
  • Take your choice in nail polish. you should have at least a few bottles laying around the house, but if not any drug store or grocery store will carry it in many colors.
  • Paint over the FLAT SIDE of the pin. Don't worry if you used too much, or if it gets on the paper.
  • Holding on to the unpainted side of the bobbypin (the bumpy side) slowly move it over to a clean spot on your paper. 
  • Let it dry! If you're in a hurry a hair dryer might work, but it should only take 5-10 minutes to air dry.
  • Once you can touch the paint without it smudging, it's dry and ready to use! 

These are the PERFECT way to pin up your bangs, and to add a pop of color! Hope you guys found this helpful. If you re-create these post a pic on my Facebook page! I'd love to see it.


Abbey Noelle

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