August 13, 2013

Guess what? I have a SURPRISE.

Hey there! So I'm just gonna jump into it, I have a SURPRISE! You guys, I am so excited. Are you excited? (Did I mention I'm excited??) By now you're probably thinking.. "yeah yeah..Abbey found out what chocolate comes from. Big deal." But I DO know what chocolate comes from (from Mr.wonka's factory dontcha know ;) hehe) But you DON'T know what my surprise is, because it's a surprise and you've been thinking of how I don't know where chocolate comes from so you haven't read below what the surprise is. Sheesh! :D hehe!!

Okay. So I'll let you a tiny itty bit of what this crazy-talk is about. :D I'm going to do a blog post EVERY WEEK, for the month's of September and October this year. Why? Because I am very enthusiastic for fall. My favorite season is Summer, but Fall is a very close second. There's just something about the crisp air, wearing cozy clothes, the smell of my dads coffee on a chilly morning, the trees turning beautiful fall colors, and yep..MY BIRTHDAYY!! Yayyy! and MAYBE, just a bit, I'm excited for school. (this might be a short-lived feeling once I actually start doing school...hehe ohh well.) So back to the point here! I am planning on posting something to do with fall every week, (maybe more, maybe less. We'll see how this goes!) whether it be a cute hairstyle for school (for public schoolers and homeschoolers alike), or how to tie a cozy scarf. (oops just leaked what some of the posts will be!) So I am a bit jumpy for this project, and ready to begin! But I'll wait for fall to start happening in reality, not just in my head. Silly me! :D Soo now that I have that outta the way, I hope you get at least a bit fired up with me, because an adventure is waiting out there. And all we need to do is take that next step, my little grasshopper! Here's some pics from last fall to get ya all jumpy-like: 

So until my next post, (which I know I'll post again soon because I just cannot stay away from ya! <3 <3)


Abbey Noelle 

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