August 11, 2013

My weekend

Well hello there! How was YOUR weekend? Mine was pretty good, even if I was a bit sick. I mostly sat around relaxing, eating good food, and of course, taking pictures! Here's some pics I took from this weekend:

Lucy has the prettiest blonde hair you will ever see, and the cutest face to complement it! She's goofy, full of life, and yes..Stubborn. Which is probably the only thing she takes after me, sadly. The best thing is? She let's me do her hair in WHATEVER way I like, WHENEVER I like! How's that for perfect?!

Oranges. They are as pretty as they are delicious! We have a whole drawer in our fridge full of oranges, because we cannot get enough of this tangy,sweet, juicy fruit! YUMMM!

Me. I know I probably take way too many pictures of myself...but I get tired and bored of the others after awhile. SO. Here's a very recent one of muah! <3
I absolutely LOVE IT when flowers start blooming in August. Our backyard looks like a arboretum.(hehe just kidding!) I enjoy cruising around the neighborhood smelling the sweet scent of flowers. They are my summer loves, I must admit! ;) Here's a few pics of some white blooms from my yard:

Well I hope you guys enjoyed taking a peek of what my weekend was like, I hope yours was everything you wanted it to be. Much love,

-Abbey Noelle

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