September 30, 2013

blessings & favorites: SEPTEMBER

Hello all! Here's the VERY FIRST "Blessings & Favorites" post! Every month I'll write about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. (I over use this sentence. Consider yourself warned.) My goal is to recognize God's great blessings, big or small, and give praise for them all. Plus include some recent obsessions of mine.. So here goes! :D

Books. They can pull a person in so deeply that they wont put the book down until every last word is read. (Yep. This really happens.) Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke is a dear favorite of mine!
 Maxi dresses. I sadly only own one..but I still enjoy admiring them on pinterest. I love them paired with t-shirts, jean jackets, blazers, and worn just as they are. So cute!
 Rain. We've been short on it lately and I've missed falling asleep hearing it pattering on my window, Smelling wet grass, splashing in puddles, and don't forget rainbows! Rain is a beautiful thing.
 Sunsets. One thing we HAVE had a lot of recently is gorgeous sunsets. They remind me over and over how beautiful all of God's creations are. Who knew something as simple as the sun setting could be so breathtaking and wonderful?!

Smiles. Joy. Babies. Sisters. Goddaughters. Summer. Sand. Waves. Bright blue eyes. All of these things and more explain this picture. And I love it beyond words.
Sparkly belts. They make the snazzy touch to any outfit, the extra pizzaz! Love love love. 
Dinosaur earrings. Nuff said. 
 Writing long, colorful letters to dearest friends with sharpie pens. OBSESSED.

And with these few pictures and words, I leave you until my next post. Thank you for reading, you rock!!!!!


Abbey Noelle 

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