September 3, 2013

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

My dearies, summer is over. I admit,  I'm truly going to miss the bright sunshine almost everyday, relaxing at the beach, late nights on the computer, the colorful summer blooms, green trees, and watching a million episodes of my favorite t.v show because I have too much time of my hands.. (Clearly). I love cannon balls into the pool, being able to wear sundresses and skirts, and flipflops, of course. (I actually dislike walking in these but sometimes they're just so darn easy to slide on)

But you know what else? Summer will come again like it always does. I'm determined to NOT be a grump about this season-change, Because you know what? Grumps have no fun. And even if I will have a stressful amount of school to read through, I'm going to have an enjoyable time. And I want to take each and every one of you along with me! So let's have fun, this Autumn. Let's find ADVENTURE. So check out my blog often to see more posts, I promise I'll have something new every time. (Unless you check every 10 Minutes. Then we might run into a slight problem) To celebrate the coming of this beautiful season, here are some things I love about it. (And of course like every other post..PICTURES. YAY!)

  1. Warm cozy sweaters
  2. Hot berry tea on a chilly day
  3. Being able to sit under heaps of blankets
  4. Seeing the trees turn from green to red, yellow and orange
  5. Getting to wear my rainboots again (yay yay yay) 
Just to name a couple.. ;)

 This shoot was a lot of fun..climbing trees, running+jumping in my first-ever maxi dress, I even got my makeup done by Mariah, the photographer. (I believe she used a dark purple from her Tarte pallet) these pictures also showcase the more serious side of my personality. Which is your favorite?

                                                             DRESS: Target
                                                             SHAW/SCARF: JCPenny
                                                             MAKEUP: Tarte Cosmetics
                                                             NAILS: Purple, from ULTA

These pictures were taken by my silly, beautiful, joyful sister who is an amazing photographer. She never ceases to amaze me with her photographs, I'm not even boasting. I DO like to boast about her pictures, to be sure. Check out her FACEBOOK page, and give her a 'like'. I know for sure she'd appreciate it. And she also has a blog to showcase even more of her pictures, which you should follow & visit often.

Blog: ----->
Facebook Page: ----->

much love,

abbey noelle

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