September 14, 2013

Dear Victoria.

Dear Victoria, 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Gosh, you're 11. Eleven years old. 
*waiting for this to sink down deep*

You are silly, full of life, and caring. You're the kind of girl who is quiet most the time, but you speak up when something needs to be said. I have a feeling you're a bit wiser then me on occasions, when I'm just being bull-headed. You're very beautiful, in your own special way. (I don't say this too often cause I'm slightly jelly ;) ) It's a fact worth stating in this post, however. You mock me, but with good humor showing in your eyes. Your bluer then blue eyes. I love camping outside with you, and getting scared out of my whits with you. (remember the acorns?!) I love doing crafts with you, because you help me greatly. I love hearing all your cute funny stories, and telling you mine.  

You're AMAZING at anything artsy and you have a unique imagination no one will ever be able to copy.  You never fail to wow me with all your drawings, paintings, and creations! I truly hope you had an amazing birthday, my dear sister. You will always be my "Cha cha", "Toria" and "Little Victoria" No matter how old you get.  I love you, to the moon and back a thousand and one times. 

Love, your big sister 

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