September 19, 2013

What I wore//how make a sundress into a fall outfit

Hello hello!

This week I haven't been in a crafty mood, or a baking mood even! No, I've been in a fashion mood. I think I spend a little (ahem..a lot) too much time deciding what I want to wear that day, even if it's more then likely I wont go further then my back yard. (That sounded more sheltered then I originally planned. hahaha) Let's move on though, shall we? :D

First I started out with this cute & girly, summer dress. It's from Old Navy and a hand-me-down from the sista! This is a GREAT way to wear that favorite sundress without being chilled to the bones in the fall months.
 Then I added a blue knit sweater, that I like to call periwinkle. This is from Target (where else?!) and thirfted.
 To make this outfit a little more snazzy & to make my waist re-appear, I slipped on this gold sparkle belt borrowed from my sister.

 Most the time (okay, pretty much all the time y'all.) I would go barefoot, but if I needed to be presentable in public I'd slip on these brown ballet flats from Target.


Abbey Noelle

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