September 18, 2013

What I wore//warm breezy autumn day

Hey you guys!! I've got to admit..I haven't blogged much lately! But I promise that I'll be hanging out around here a lot more, and I have a few posts on the way.

This week I've mostly been busy around home, my mom is taking a mini vacation to Indiana so all the "mommy responsibilities" are on me! (with a lot of help from my sister Mariah, of course) Mostly just cooking yummy food (except when the rice turns mushy for no reason I can figure..grrrr) and keeping the kiddos entertained, without having them on the t.v and computers 24/7... ;)

I love this outfit! At first I just threw on what I saw first, but I got an inspiration to make it cute & turn it into a outfit post (I do try ya know). I'm wearing...

 Cardigan//Charlotte Russe(gift)
Shorts// Marmot(thrifted)
I know I don't have to tell me I'm a weirdo. It was very bright outside, so naturally..I couldn't see how I was posing. Resulting in awkward pics! yay. ;P
 Here's a close up of the ruffles on my cardigan. I'm in love with this cardi, Thank you Grandma for buying it for my B-day last year!!
Earrings//thrifted  THESE. EARRINGS. Are so darn adorable I'm...awestruck. They are tiny dinosaurs and I'm so glad I decided to buy them.

Well I hope I sparked some inspiration into your head! Until my next post..

many XOXO's


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