October 8, 2013

Darling princess Gemma

Now Isn't she darling?! She has the brightest blue eyes, the happiest smile. Ha, let me tell you..following a one year old baby around the house whilst taking her picture..is exhausting. You get short of breath pretty fast. ;) Sometimes I really wish I could steal a little bit of her energy, because she rarely gets tired.

So.. without further ado..here's some darling pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! (Darling is now officially my new favorite word. just sayin.)

AWWWW. (nuff said)
This picture pretty much sums up what they do all day. hehe.

Waving her arms as she walks. I think this is the 1 year old version of dance. ;)
Tiny ity bitty feet! I love hearing her tiny toes pattering on the floor as she runs through the house. Precious.

This gal knows how to do it. Impressive, right?

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little ray of sunshine..who's a blast to shoot. Thank you again and again for reading..your amazing and I love you.

Much love,

Abbey Noelle

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