October 3, 2013

Dear Gemma

Dear Gemma,

Where to start?! The first time I heard you was on September 28th, around 3:00 in the morning. my heart pounded in happiness & excitement. I was waiting upstairs and suddenly I heard a baby's cry, shortly followed by "It's a girl!!!"

The first time I held you, I knew you were one of the greatest blessings I will ever receive. It's been like that for every single one of my younger siblings, I've felt that way every time I've held each of you kiddos for the very first time. I couldn't stop smiling down at you, and when it came to be someone else's turn, it was hard to let you go. But I knew I'd "fight" the other kids later for my turn, for sure. The first things I noticed about you were your dark blue eyes and tiny feet & fingers. They were SO tiny, and so delicate. I tried not to be selfish and hold you constantly, but when tiny babies like you come along..that gets a little difficult for everyone. haha. You were, and are, such a sweetie.

 Even though I wasn't quite old enough, I was so honored to become your Godmother with our brother Michael, as your Godfather. I teared up a bit during the ceremony, (pretty much everyone did). The joy reflected on everyone's faces. You didn't fuss a bit, which is a bit surprising for a newborn. (But you've been an over achiever since birth..soo yeah. ;) )
Here's us again, just hangin' out outside together! We're suckers for the outdoors, to be sure.

Every.single.time. I see this picture of you with your face covered in yogurt, staring at that odd expression..I laugh. A deep down, joyful, laugh.
(aren't you a cutie?!?!?!?)
And finally, a picture taken on your birthday just a mere few days ago. You are the little rays of sunshine in my life, and I love you too much to tell. With hugs and kisses..

your big sissy and Godmother,


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