October 22, 2013

Friendship & Fall


 October is when you start wearing leggings & tights under those skirts and dresses, start slipping on your coziest, favorite sweater more often, or when the rest of the trees start turning those oh so gorgeous colors.

When you need two thick blankets to keep nice and cozy at night. Annnnd don't forget being excited for the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire (obviously, this only apply's to those fans out there!). Hanging out with friends. And while we're on the subject of friends...I have someone I want to "show off" on my blog today. :D


This, is my best friend. Those words come pretty easily, because they come from deep inside my heart. (WARNING: Abbey is gonna get pretty poetic & sappy & may talk about how crazy we are..but try not to get freaked out or jelly. Thank you.)

We've been friends for roughly three years, but it honestly feels like 25. Yes, we've had a few silly fights. But it never lasts long, because there's always something urgent one of us (or both!) really needs to tell the other..so everything gets smoothed out. We've had more happy moments then sad, though. I can't get into detail because..

1# you'd be mentally scarred for life
2# you might try to call the mental hospital on us (we can get pretty silly...!)
3# you'd get a little jelly.
4# if you have a best friend...you'll understand. ;)

I LOVE this gal. She is gorgeous inside AND out. Could you ask for anything better?! From just looking at her, you can tell Jesus Christ lives IN her. Whenever I need a little encouraging, scolding, someone to pray for me.. or just someone to make me laugh..this sweet, sweet girl is here for me. Occasionally, we're hide things from each other because we're just too embarrassed to tell the other what silly, childish thing we did. But so far..it's always had a chance to leak out and we realized..we did the same thing. Fits of laughter usually follow. :)

This..picture is my favorite. It expresses us to a T.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my beautiful, wonderful friend. And due to my promise post the rest of the pictures with her, these are the few you'll be able to see. But I promise more are to follow..at least on the face of book. Goodbye and THANK YOU for reading!! Love you guys!!!!!



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