October 3, 2013


It's amazing how much can happen in one walk through the park, one afternoon, one day.

This particular afternoon was filled with a laughter-filled Frisbee match, singing our hearts out to The Sound Of Music, watching the little kiddos run and play on the slides & swings, looking at trees with blossoms that look like tiny "baby" oranges, and finding a TOADALLY DISGUSTING frog. (Or maybe a toad?!) Of course when this happens the finder shouts for all to hear; "HEY!! I found a toad!!" (I'm deciding right now it was a toad.) and almost everyone comes running to see the find. Because toads are a "rare find", and you better get your chance to see and touch it before it sadly hops away. The boys are obviously more interested then the girls, but some little girls are brave enough to get a closer look. (You should know I kept a good distance. Yay for zoom!) Lucy, however wasn't as cautious as she should've been and it was at that moment Mr. Toad decided to take his chance at escape. You can imagine what happened, but it wasn't as bad as you may think. (She for sure was surprised it jumped on her arm, though. Poor thing.)

It was a mutual decision among the kiddos to put Mr. Toad on Princess Buttercup's head. (She got a little too excited with the toad around. Sadly, I think she wanted to eat Mr. Toad rather then to be "friends".)

Thank you again and again for reading, I hope I caused a smile or a laugh. :)

Many hugs,


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