October 13, 2013

What I wore: breezy October Sunday

Hey all! It's been way too long and I've missed the blogging world. I can't believe we're into the second week of October already, Can you? It's a shame Fall doesn't last long, only a mere 2 months. Then before ya know it the ground is covered with a thick layer of snow (or bare ground..if you live somewhere warmer then Minnesota. I'm slightly jealous you get warmer weather, but not in the case of snow-less Christmas' or not knowing how fun a snowball fight is.) there's always good things about fall, but also a couple of negatives. Like going to sleep with your window open. Yes, you'll be cold once the temp drops, but you get to snuggle in that big thick blanket. And that's a good thing, obviously. Or dressing in deep, cool colors, knitted sweaters, warm jackets, colored scarfs, and all those adorable fall accessories. Apple crisp, pumpkin muffins, hmm...and pretty much anything apple. (i.e apple cider, applesauce, fresh apples, apple pie, do I need to say more or do I have you drooling yet?) Cons? It doesn't last very long, (already stated that, but it needs to be expressed) school starts, people get busy, (aka me. aka my friends.) And how you know in just a few weeks..it'll be cold winter again. But there's more Pro's then cons, and YAY for that!! Now before I talk your ears off, (Which I'm pretty capable of) here's an outfit post! What I wore today on this breezy, October Sunday. Read on!

 A weirdo (you dont wanna know how weird), socially awkward, Forgetful, wont take my face out of a favorite book till it's finished, and a million other things. But I'm me!
 Don't you just love it when two piece's of clothing you love match perfectly?! BAM! Amazing.

 Homemade red bow. Cute or what?!
||What I wore||

Grey Sweater| American Eagle Outfitters (thrifted)
Blue Pleated Skirt| Target (thirfted)
Red Shiny Bow| Homemade

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my thoughts, and a few pictures of what I wore! Thank you for reading!


Abbey Noelle 

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