November 5, 2013

I love snow.

Hello Lovelies!

First off, if you've been stalking me within the last day or so, you'll have noticed a lot of (amazing) changes in my blog design. Mariah (my sister) has been very graciously helping me re-design le blog. The biggest of changes so far are the new header, which is now temporary because Mariah is drawing me something snazzier. ;)  (Snazzier is now a real word. Watch out.) And also my signature, at the end of each new post. What do ya think? If you have any thoughts feel free to comment! :D Now that you are assured no one hacked me (Technically Mariah keeps hacking she can change something on her fancy laptop.Why I said technically is because I told her my password...hehe. If people hacked other people's accounts to change things for the better, the world would be a happier place. Just sayin.)

I wasn't going to admit it, but I also don't want to lie. We got snow here in Southern Minnesota. Annnndd...IT'S SO PRETTY AND I LOVE IT. *que gasps* Now don't you just wanna loop on a scarf, slip on a coat, and run outside in your rain boots?! I hope so, cause that's EXACTLY what I did. (Not to mention a camera to capture the moment! ;) ) Due to extreme excitement, please excuse slightly fuzzy photographs. Also excuse my awfully pale skin. The lighting was a bit gloomy. That's my excuse.

Boots|Costco Skirt|Plato's Closet Scarf|borrowed from Sister Navy wool peacoat|Old Navy (thrifted)


Thank you so much for reading! You guys are teh BEST. Alsooo...Shout out to my very sweet + AMAZING Friend, Cayli! She blogs over at One Big Mess. Believe it or not, Cayli blogged about the snow fall (and how to make delish homemade hot chocolate might I add) 20 MINUTES before I logged onto blogger with my freshly snapped photographs. Perks of living close to another blogger! ;) haha! So to conclude. CHECK HER OUT. I will love ya for it. And I'm pretty sure she will too. ;)

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