November 9, 2013

My makeup routine: winter edition

Hellooo Ladies! How are you on this wonderful Saturday evening? Today..I present to you my VERY first makeup tutorial! I wasn't planning to post anything like this on my blog because quite honestly, I don't wear much makeup. On a regular basis, I only wear eye shadow once a week for maybe church. But besides that, it's just good ole mascara! ;) But I'm one to break the "rules" sometimes..dontcha know. It's so very, very like me. (just kidding. I hate breaking rules. Most the time.) This "tutorial" is pretty simple! The products I used are just what I buy for my preferences, but you can use any black eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, or blush you wish. If you try it out, let me know what you think!
Sorry. I really, really cannot help making funny faces when taking selfies.
If you were wondering..yes I'm wearing lipstick. And no, I never ever ever wear anything besides balm on my lips. But I felt like going all out, and found a mary-kay sample on my bedroom floor. Pleasedontaskmewhatshadeitis. ;)
This is Mariah's Tarte Beauty & the box pallet, called "envoke the smoke" Sorry I do not have a picture of the four shades of eyeshadow..due to my camera running out of battery. But anywho, I used the color "Dark Ash" which is basically black, with my Eco tools eyeliner brush. You guessed it, I drew a thin line on my upper lash line. Easy peasy. ;)
Next I lightly brushed Mary Kay's "Strawberry Cream" blush on my cheeks with my eco tools blush brush.
Annd last but not least, mascara. I used this old Essence Mascara i had sitting around because I ran out of "Lights Cameras Lashes" Tarte shtuff. Below are the two brushes I used, both by Eco Tools. Which I TOTALLY recommend if you're looking for reasonably priced brushes that are softer then silk. (or at least close!) weell...goodnight and goodbye! (hey..let me know how much you liked this post? Yay or nay?) Thank you!

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