November 17, 2013

Puppy!!! {part one}

Hey lovelies! I haven't blogged in half of forever! But I'm glad to be back, with wonderfully exciting news! 

Everyone, meet Greta. 
Our new puppy!! After meeting the litter of black & white puppies at my Friend Arianna's house for a spa party, I fell in love with a soft, gentle sweetheart they had temporarily named Abby. After learning that she was still available for adoption, I convinced my Mom we NEEDED another dog. Because who doesn't like puppies, I ask?! We brought Greta home this evening, a complete surprise to all the little kiddos. Their faces? Priceless. I named her Greta, after one of the penguins in Mr. Poppers Penguins, An amazing children's book. If you haven't read this book..You must. It's darling I must express. So to conclude, here are are some pictures taken by none other then my sister, Mariah. Enjoy the extreme cuteness! 

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