December 11, 2013

B&W Wednesday {12.11.13}

Hey all! It's Wednesday again..which means another round of B&W Wednesday!! I'll try not to make this intro a mile here ya go! ;)

(1.) Now isn't that smile just the cutest thing you ever did see?! In case you didn't know, this is my baby sister (and also Goddaughter!) Gemma Bernadette. I wove her to the ends of the earth. And then some.

(2.) Winne the pooh jean dress. Red cardigan. Polka dot leg warmers. Black bow. This is oneee stylishhh babbyyy!!!

(3.) I love bows. They're just so darn cute. Too bad Gemma and I aren't on the same page...

(4.) Mirror selfie!!

(5.) My makeup basket...I was getting random.

(6.) Hot air balloon artwork! Tada!

(7.) ANOTHER selfie. Oh boy.

(8.) What I wore today! | Top: Thifted |  Jeans: Old Navy | Scarf: JCPenny | Hair: Braided

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  1. You are so beautiful!!! And I love the hot-air balloon drawing!!

  2. Who said there was anything wrong with a mile-long post? ;) Great pictures!

    1. Hah. Nothingg.... ;) I just didn't feel like writing. It happens. :D Thank you!