December 18, 2013

B&W Wednesday {12.18.13} | Sunsets & Alaskan coats

Hellooo there! Between the regular every-day-activities, preparing for a Christmas Masquerade Dance on the 20th (ONLY 2 DAYS!!!!), and most importantly, Christmas! Today, this week, and frankly this month has been a little crazy. Today all my sisters (all 5 of em!) and my Mom worked on dresses and masks for the dance. I cannot wait for Friday to come...or to share all my pictures & adventures of the evening. So stay tuned for a glittery, joyful post. Soon. Very soon. :D

I sadly don't have a B&W picture to share..but enjoy these two pics none the less!

(1.) So I'm pretty sure this is one of the prettiest sunsets I've looked upon. I would describe this one as an explosion of color in the sky. But words will never do it justice.

(2.) GUESS WHAT. I bought this adorable brown coat at Goodwill for....wait for it......$8.00!!! Woot woot! And guess what else!?! It has a fur trimmed hood. So I can look like a true Minnesotan. Or...Alaskan. ;)

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    1. Totallyyy. Ever need to make someone laugh? Whip down dat hood and TADA. Giggles will be heard by all. ;)