December 13, 2013

Blessings & Favorites | NOVEMBER

Hey all! I know this post is pretty late! Life has been busy..but good. Oh so good. I really can't complain! So here's my Blessings & Favorites post for November, because there is truly so many things to be thankful for. Read on!

(1.) These puppies. I love em. Every morning They greet me with tails whooshing back and forth, back and forth. Jumping up on me for some lovin' and attention. Cutest thing ever right?!

(2.) I'm so thankful for this lil' pup. She's adorable & cuddly.

(3.) I'm even more thankful for best friends. Especially my good friend, Hannah. I've said this about a hundred times, but I'll say it again because she really IS that amazing. I love her. And I love this hat. :D

(4.) OBSESSED with Downton Abbey. Just so much. ;)

(5.) Hehe. We've got quite the 1 yr old don't we? Coloring on Buttercup whilst sitting on her? DEFINITELY a good idea.

(6.) Salad topped with Pomegranates, Kerry Gold cheese, sliced almonds and drizzled with cranberry dressing? I think YES.

(7.) I love snow. It's just that simple.

(8.) Favorite author? Janette Oke without a doubt.

Thank you for reading! You guys are so, so amazing. let me know what you thought of this months Blessings & Favorites post?

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  1. My favorite = the picture of the snowflakes on your jacket sleeve. :) Simply beautiful.