January 1, 2014

Favorite photographs of {2013}

To be honest, I wasn't going to write a New Years post. Not for any particular reason, but I'm "one of those people" who didn't even stay up till midnight last night. I do have a pretty good reason, besides getting sleep of course. ;) My whole family took a 5 day trip to Indiana for Christmas at my Grandparents' house. 2 of those days spent traveling. I had a really, really good time to be sure! But you will understand after spending 11 hours in the car traveling all day, staying up till the ball goes down doesn't sound completely inviting. But there's always next year, right?

But anyway..I decided to share with you some of my favorite pictures from 2013. Enjoy. I even decided to write a little something under each picture.

Split face.  #Imsocool ;)                                      
Daises soaking the rays of sunshine.
Little sister. Big sister.
 Me. Just me.
 White summer blooms.
 Just walking in a field... (photo credit: THERE IS: Photography)
 Okay. Can we just obsess over how much I LOVE this picture?!?!?!
 Same same!
 Tiny itsy bitsy feet. Eeek.
 Those eyes.
 One of my favorite outfits, for sure.
 Giggles. Gosh I love this picture.
 Leaves crunching with each step.
 Candid moment.
Best friends.
 Sunset over a lake...so gorgeous.
 Laughing at each other's jokes..cause we're just so darn funny sometimes. I'm totally serious. ;)
I love this girl. She's just amazing.

 My snake friend. Fred. ;)
 First BIG snowfall of 2013. I love snow.

 Favorite selfie? I think YES.
 Cozzzzy. LOVE this hat!
 Downton fan alert!
 Yet another beautiful, breathtaking sunset.
 Spur of the moment shoot.
 I'm me. You're you.
So I'm just a LITTLE obsessed with black & white photography.
 Christmas tree lights.
 This puppy. So cute. GAH.
 Bridges..Black and white photography.
Go blue!

Thank you for reading...You guys are simply amazing. And I really, really mean that. Have a happy, blessed 2014!
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  1. HAAAAAPPY NEW YEEEEAR!! :) These are great pictures. (And I love your new header.)

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook

    1. Thank you Iris! You're sweet. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi:) Me again! I'm thinking of getting the same camera that you have (you won't be mad at me for copying, right?) and was wondering what kind of lenses you use? Or which lenses are the best for your type of camera in general? Thanks!:)

    1. Oohh new cameras are SO exciting! I've been awfully blessed to have this camera..and it's been such fun playing around with it! I think my lens is a canon 28-80?? I'd ask my sister Mariah on her blog, though. She's the photographer of the family. ;) {http://thereisphotography.blogspot.com/}