January 24, 2014

january // favorites

Heyy! I'm back, with just a few recent favorite things to share with you. Plus two photos my dear little younger sister snapped for me this afternoon. Sisters are right there when you need them, aren't they? Anyway, thanks Victoria! Since I have a "wing it" type of personality, I'll write this all in no particular order.

First of all..I've been listening to Disney music almost non-stop these past two weeks.
 "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella,"Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid, "I Wont Say (I'm in love)" from the movie Hercules, and you can't forget "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King. These of course are only a few, among many favorites. I'm actually rocking out to my beloved Disney songs while typing. hehehe. :D

I must be a skirts & dresses type of gal, because a skirt or dress is my go-to clothing item when I want to be comfortable AND look cute. Which is all the time. For me, at least. ;)

And hey, while we're on the subject of cute, lets just take a moment to take in the cuteness of this house. GAH. (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/271271577528956369/) Can anyone imagine me living there? Anyone?

Can I add my new hair do to my list of favorites?! Because I'm absolutely loving my new haircut. Some days I miss my long locks, but most days I rejoice in my tangle free, soft hair! Hallelujah! (and hey, I don't mind using less conditioner..either.)

One of my absolute favorite things this month is a picture-a-day venture my sister Mariah from THERE IS: Photography has been up to called "JANUARY DAYS". There's still a week left of January, so go check out her blog, give her Facebook page a 'like' and follow along!

Thanks for visiting, come again soon?

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  1. SUPER CUTE! Thanks for the shoutout. ;) I'm famous!! :D

  2. Hey! We really must be twins! I wrote you a letter today and in it i said you should continue doing favorites post! Yay! I am so excited! I love reading favorites posts! :)

    1. woahh. that's a little bizarre! I think I will..once a month sound good to you? ;) I may or may not keep doing B&W Wednesday! Not really sure on that one.

    2. Once a month sounds great! I like you B&W posts too! But you decide!

  3. Red shoes? Parfait. (:

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: March for Life, 2014 → http://bit.ly/1f9N5n9