January 31, 2014

So I guess you could say I'm a "book worm"

Books. I love them. 

They're my escape from the buzzing world around me. I read them when I'm happy..or when I'm sad. A favorite novel can bring forth a smile to my face on a gloomy day. A laugh. Joyful tears. Or just enough confidence to cope with a bad day, because lets face it, we all have one every once in awhile. They open my eyes to see that I shouldn't be grumpy..because

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. 

So if you're having a bad day, take some time to sit down, RELAX, And do something you love. For me, a new and exciting book. Or maybe just an old favorite. 

Today, for the first time in forever it seemed like, I took a trip to my local library. I admit..I have no idea how I'll finish all these books with a deadline of three weeks, but hey. Life has it's challenges. ;) Oh..and my arms are really sore right now from holding all these books. Ouchy. (totally worth it..haha)

I thought I should throw in a selfie..cause why not? Plus this picture cracks me up. I'm such a weirdo.

BOOK TITLES AND AUTHORS: (from top to bottom)

The BFG // Roald Dahl 
The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes // Arthur Conan Doyle 
The Two Towers // J.R.R. Tolkien
The Wizard Of Oz // L. Frank Baum
The Return Of The King // J.R.R. Tolkien
Pride And Prejudice // Jane Austen 
The Diary Of A Young Girl // Anne Frank 
The Fellowship Of The Ring // J.R.R. Tolkien 
The Return Of Sherlock Holmes // Arthur Conan Doyle 

And hey! A big thanks & shout-out to my lovely sister Mariah for letting me use her camera for the top four pictures in this post. So thank her for my amazing photos. ;)

Thanks for reading..y'all are seriously the best. What are some of your favorite books? Because once I finish these..I'm gonna need some new titles to get my nose stuck in. ;) #bookwormprobs
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  1. Not just saying it because you used my camera...but the pictures are awesome on this post!! Good compositions!

    To Kill a Mockingbird + An Old Fashioned Girl are my two favorite books!!!

  2. To Kill a Mockingbird will always be one of my favorites. :) Great book choices, lady! #maniwishiknewyouinreallife
    ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: Sheenazing & Sherlock. Mmmmhm. → http://bit.ly/1cB4fJO

    1. well thank you! annd #iwishiknewyoutoo

  3. Hehehe- I'm totally stalking your blog right now...don't get freaked out, kay?:)
    I love all those books and more! I adore BBC's Sherlock, but haven't gotten around to rereading Sherlock Holmes...I probably should...

    1. hehe..stalk away girly! I haven't actually had time to read Sherlock yet..my "thing" right now is LOTR. :)

    2. Hahaha stalk away girly! Right now I'm reading LOTR..Haven't started Sherlock yet!