March 8, 2014

favorites // february

Hello lovelies!

I'm really late for posting my monthly favorites, but who's counting? Certainly not me. Since that would indicate that I'm organized--which I'm not. ;) I've been crazy busy as you might have guessed, just with life. I'm in Indiana, which is really exciting for me. I've needed some down time. Down time means happy time. ;) My goals this week are to take tons of pictures, read, blog, and visit my childhood best friend. Since I don't have much time this post will be fairly short!

reading: fellowship of the ring (j.r.r. tolkien)
watching: once upon a time (tv show) so obsessed.
listening: hey soul sister (train) he's amazing. nuff said.
goals: spending more time with jesus, taking tons of photographs, blogging more often.
favorite blog: a beautiful mystery  this girl. so gorg.
baking: chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. usually around 11:00 at night. don't judge. ;)
photographing: mostly food...hehe
wearing: comfy maxi skirts. ohmygosh sooo cozy.
favorite gif: wink oh gosh. is it just me or is JL super duper adorable?!

what are some of your favorites?

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  1. Love that picture of you, dear! So elegant. :)
    My favorites: wide angle lens. Whaaaaaat would I do without it!? ;)

    God bless!
    Country Girl's Daybook, recently: beef barley soup

    1. Aww thanks girly! <3 haha lens' are pretty great aren't they?! ;)

  2. Isn't the Fellowship of the Ring amazing? Who is your favorite character? (P.S. Don't get attached to Sam. He's mine:))
    Pshhh. I always bake cookies late at night. That way you can eat them all before your younger siblings, who are in bed, can get to them:)
    God bless!

    1. I'm not far enough into the book to decide yet! ;) HAHAHHA...oh my gosh that must be why I do it. Plus I always have this urge to bake + clean before bed..I can't figure out why.

  3. Replies
    1. aww thank you sweet girl! so are you <3