May 22, 2014

real life wednesday-um, thursday?

Helloo there! 

Yes..I'm a day late for real life wednesday! and on my second week? Oh boy! Well, I've been CRAZY busy the last couple of days, but I've had a great week. What can I say? It's the extrovert in me showing. ;) Sunday wasn't too busy, just Mass in the morning and we finally had a sunny day after 4 weeks of rainy sundays! We've actually had really great weather this week, besides Monday when it was rainy. Monday I drove 2 hours to "the cities" which is what everyone around here calls Minneapolis, and that of course is where all the good thrift shopping is found. I had a lovely day spending girl time with three of my sisters and my mom. I discovered quite a few treasures while thrifting..I just might share those on the blog sometime. Hint: Tiny coffee cups, a dress, and books! Tuesday I mostly read, and caught up on chores around the house. Wednesday was the busiest day of all! I worked for a few hours in the afternoon, and spent the rest of the evening at a youth group party with my bestfriend! That included a mud fight (sorry..I don't have a picture of me before I cleaned up!) But isn't she adorable, even covered in mud?! This is my best friend Arianna, if you didn't know! Also a bonfire, an inflatable slide, Volleyball (which I am surprisingly good at, despite how I've never played!) and paintball. I'm SUPER sore today, but being with this girl last night put me in good spirits. Anyway, enough about my week! Time for Real Life Wednesday Thursday! 

1. Don't you just love receiving packages in the mail? Because I do! It creates such excitement. Especially if it's new running shoes! ;)

2. I've been watching a lot of Pshych this week on Netflix, Shawn is hilarious. But Gus is pretty great too!

3. I've been all for simple, natural makeup lately. A thin line of dark brown eyeliner + brown mascara is my go-to look! If I wanna fancy it up I add a little lipstick for that extra pop of color. I do have makeup-less days, though. #lazygirl ;)

4. I found a pair of faux pearl earrings at a thrift store for .75 cents a few weeks ago, and I'm loving the simple get glamorous look they create.

5. I had a fun photoshoot with sissy Riah (Mariah) this evening, so keep a lookout for pictures! She picked out a cute outfit for me to wear, and the sunshine was glorious!

6. I'm still super obsessed with baby hippos. GAH.

7. I've been learning to I dislike being vulnerable..but it's the vulnerability that makes us REAL. And you know what? When I'm totally myself, I know who my true friends are. The ones who love how nerdy, sassy, or crazy I am.

8. I helped with a little design work on Mady's blog this week too, and if you don't already follow her you really should! She's the sweetest girl, and pretty cool!

Thanks for reading, you guys are seriously AMAZING. Your sweet, encouraging comments never fail to put a smile on my face. <3



  1. My family LOVES Psych. Like, obsessed. My little sisters stayed an extra day in New York with my mom after I had to head back to school and they got to meet the actors who play Shawn and Gus! So jealous. Also, you are so cute! Love the pic of you in pink shorts. Such a cute casual/workout outfit.

    And mud fights are the best. <3

    1. haha, Psych fans unite! Oh my gosh, yes I'd be jealous too! Aww thanks, It was easy to match my outfit because I basically only wear those colors. ;)

      YES..mud fights. <3 I was totally being a girl and only getting a little muddy, but Arianna forced me to get dirtier. I'm actually glad she did! ;)

  2. My brother and I are crazy about Psych. Such a funny show. ;) And packages in the mail are just wonderful! Speaking of which... I need new sneakers.
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    1. Ooh sweet! more Psysh fans. :) I've needed new running shoes for a long time, I finally saved up enough to buy a pair!

  3. That outfit is totally spring like and bright! I might just be enticed to go on a run with those snazzy threads:)
    Oooo- thrift stores! I just went on Monday to an awesome store and got some cute clothes (floral jeans! Coral/ lace dress!) I might just have to show them off on the blog. Speaking of blogs- thanks again! I love it<3
    And pearl earrings. They are so classy. Pearl studs are the only earrings that I ever wear; they look great at Mass or with a blouse and jeans!
    Happy Friday:)

    1. aww thanks! i know..thrifting is the BEST. Oohh I'd love to see your finds! I just sent you a super long email, btw!