June 13, 2014

golden time + deep thoughts

"Every saint has a past,
every sinner has a future."

I was lucky enough yesterday night to look out my window and notice the glorious sunshine. "golden time" I thought to myself. It only took me a moment to grab my camera and yes, my dear little sister Victoria for a few pictures on our dock by the lake. I captured these lovely shots..and a even lovelier memory to keep forever. Victoria is four years younger, and I forget that she isn't the little five year old I used to play with. Sure, we still talk and share funny jokes with one another. But it's hard to adjust to the idea of her being a teenager in less then two years. And me? I'll be sixteen this fall. I've looked forward to this age for a long time, but I can't believe how close it is. Some days I feel as if I'm still quite young, but other days I'm reminded in how much I've grown in the past couple of years. Both physically, mentally, and spiritually. God has slowly been showing me the graces of his love, gently reminding me that I still have much, much to learn from Him. Even though I can be a very stubborn girl, God has always known the right way to get through to me. Everytime he sends me a strong sign, I'm blown away. I'm reminded yet again how absolutely lucky I am, to have such a loving family. Loyal friends. Always having everything I need. Most of all, I have a relationship with the one and only God, that's constantly growing into something so very, very beautiful. I'm far from perfect, but I'm trying so hard to embrace my perfect imperfections. Trying to become the Saint I know I can be. 


  1. These photos are beautiful! As are your words--God is always willing to work us into saints, as long as we come to Him humbly and seeking his forgiveness. What a blessing we have in the Church!
    ♥ Mady

    1. aww thanks girly! ♥ SO TRUE. God is so great. :)