June 18, 2014

real life wednesday

Hey there!

1. Father's Day was a few days ago, and I thought I'd share this photo of my Dad & I almost sixteen years ago. I'm so blessed to have a warm hearted, hilarious, strong Dad. And not only do I have this amazing guy in the picture above as my Dad, but also our gracious God looking out for me. ♥ ♥ 

2. My jam this week has been Hello by Kelly Clarkson. It's fun, upbeat, catchy, and the perfect song to get going. (It's been on repeat on my spotify...hehe)

3. My favorite thing to wear this week has been maxi skirts. Oh gosh. SO COMFY. I've discovered the brilliant trick of also wearing maxi skirts as dresses! Which is actually what I'm wearing in the above photo.

4. I spent two hours creatively making myself a mood board on a big piece of cork board, and I'm actually pretty proud of the result. Annnd I've thought about posting pictures of my bedroom on here..is that something y'all would like to see?

5. We've had a huge amount of vibrant, fragrant peonies in our backyard the past couple of days. I just adore picking fresh blooms to display in my bedroom. And the scent they infuse in the room is glorious.

That's it for tonight...girlies! I have a sleepover planned with my little sisters tonight, filled with giggles, games and popcorn! Goodnight! 



  1. Haha! Maxi skirts as dresses! (I do that occasionally myself:D)
    Fresh peonies? Ah! We have a cherry blossom tree in our front yard and it blooms for one week a year. However, it is the best smelling week of the entire year!
    ♥ Mady

    1. oh how fun! cherry blossom trees are so so pretty! i really wish we had one. :)

  2. SUCH a cute picture of you and your dad.

    Peonies are my favorite spring/summer flower next to rosasharon. :) Beeeeautiful.
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

    1. aww well thanks girly! ♥ oh for sure! flowers in general are beautiful. :)