September 13, 2014

hello, autumn.

Hey there, friends! In celebration of this amazing, cool weather, I wanted to post my outfit for today..and just a few of my favorite things I've been enjoying this month. 

Spontaneous road trips with my bro, who is just newly licensed. (Super fun, even if we were lost half of the time) 
Early morning chai tea lattes 
Fuzzy beanies 
Listening to Michael Buble's soft, jazzy tunes.
Thick, big sweaters.
Watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty late into the night, and laughing my head off.
Wearing soft, fringe scarfs. 
Saying goodbye to summer & welcoming autumn with much joy.
Pinning a thousand fallish things on Pinterest.
Brisk walks through the park on warm, breezy days.
Chatting it up with my big brother on the phone, and temporarily he didn't feel so far away. 
Finally getting to enjoy warm, creamy soups.
Cranberry red nail polish.

Outfit details..

Gold sequin t-shirt-Ann Taylor 
Black maxi skirt-Target
Maroon beanie-gift
Gold sandals-Target 
Red lipstick-Wet N Wild in the shade Cinnamon 


  1. Michael Buble and red nail polish are two of my weaknesses.
    Love your outfit! So cute.

  2. This is absolutely adorable. You have such a sweet personality, Abbey! Your posts always make me smile.
    That beanie is lovey. And I know what you feel like about your older brother... and fall! God bless, dear!

    1. Aww..your comments are always so sweet + encouraging, dear Melvina! Thank you! ♥ God bless you.

  3. Walter Mitty? Yes! So good!
    I love fall, but autumn allergies have been kicking my behind for the past few days. I didn't think it was humanly possible to go through as many kleenexs as I have!
    I'm thinking I'll use your post as advice and go get a pumpkin chai latte tonight though....
    Love ya, girly!

    1. Ugh, allergies. This is when I wish I actually had a cute little sneeze instead of the beastly sneeze I inherited from my dad's side of the family. ;) Mmm that sounds delish. I've never had a chai latte with pumpkin before. (I'm still new to the world of lattes..haha.) Love you too! ♥

  4. Love the outfit. Funny we're just starting spring as your starting autumn!