October 16, 2014

CYW // week two

So yay! I finally got my book in the mail this week, and I can already tell that this book will be a favorite. I've only had time to read chapter one, but it only took me a couple of hours. I love this book and I really recommend it. Actually..no. GO BUY IT. Seriously, you wont regret it. (And hey! It's only $11 bucks on Amazon, woot!) 

Anyway, the first chapter is called "Party Girl". Gosh...you have no idea how many times I thought to myself whilst reading "Wow...these struggles. They sound a lot like mine." And no, I'm not talking about Colleen's party life. (As hard as it might be to believe, I'm not a party animal. Because in my world partying means staying at home watching Netflix. For reals.) But after attending 30-minute mass with her boyfriend, she went back inside without him. She cried. She prayed. Tried to figure out why she had that sick feeling in her stomach. And I know the feeling. I did that, too a couple of weeks ago during adoration. I know that faint, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. My problem is, deep down I know why I have that sensation. It's God, telling me He misses me. He's concerned for me. But I'm not perfect. Sometimes I ignore it. Carry on with life, because sometimes that's easier. Ignoring is easier then taking action. But you know what? The holiest path is the hardest. We know this because our brothers and sisters in Christ, the  incredible saints, struggled, too before they could enjoy the Graces of heaven. Some of them got decapitated, for renouncing their loyalty to God. (Saint Stephen is actually the first Christian to be martyred.) Now obviously, you probably wont have to have your head chopped off. But that doesn't mean it'll be easy.You'll constantly stumble and fall. But it's what's at the end of our path that's worth all the struggling. After you die, don't you want to meet the person who helped you all those years, many a time without being thanked? Who loves you, who has forgiven you countless times, the person who was crucified, just for our sins? I know it'll be worth it. I want more then anything to surrender myself to Him. But if not now, when? Right before deaths door, because we want to make sure we go to Heaven as soon as possible? That's ridiculous. That would be usuing Him. It sounds selfish, and unloving. The best time to surrender yourself to His unending love is now. It'll be so, so difficult. Especially in a world that has made it so hard to stay pure. To keep the commandments. But we'll be victorious in the end, because we are God's daughters. God's sons. We're warriors of Jesus Christ. Good will always be Triumphant. No. Jesus Christ our redeemer, will always be triumphant. We are only his sheep. 

I'm not sure if these words of mine really relate to the book, but after reading just one chapter these are some of the pondering's that wandered into my mind. Thanks for reading, lovelies. Your encouragement is always appreciated. God bless you! ♥ 

P.s My favorite place to read is my big comfy bed, under a thick quilt with a spicy chai latte. The best. 


  1. Haven't read the book- but this was very beautiful and touching. <3 Thank you! God bless!

  2. I've ordered the book, can't wait for it to arrive! ♥ This was lovely, you make me so excited to read it. :)

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    1. Thank you, sweet girl! Your comments mean the world to me.

  4. Absolutely inspiring, Abbey. :) I know what you mean - the sick feeling - CS Lewis describes it as the ache for God and His beauty. Isn't it though. Love you!

    1. Gosh..CS Lewis sums up the feeling perfectly. Love ya too, dear! You're the best. ♥