October 22, 2014

it's wednesday, wednesday, wednesday


1. So yep. My jams are the same as two weeks ago. ;) Hashtag Maroon 5 is the best.

2. I spent almost all last week in Indiana for a mini vaca, stayed at my grandparents' house in the country + got to meet my brother Eric's girlfriend Heather + visited with family all week + ate way too much food. Oh boy. Pictures and little stories coming sooon!

3. I bought this blue leather jacket on my trip, and I love love love it. I feel so snazzy + very Emma Swan-like every time I wear it. Now I just need some riding boots.. ;)

4. The weather here is perfect for sweaters + skinny jeans, or maxi skirts + cardigans. Breezy + partly sunny + and with all the golden trees = perfectly gorgeous.

That's all for now, lovelies. Have a blessed week!

ALSO. HAPPY FEAST DAY OF JPII!!!!!! He is one cool dude, guys. And I can't wait to meet him someday in Heaven. #wewillhaveadancepartyohyeah


  1. Wow, your vacation sounds like a ton of fun! What an adorable color for that jacket! (yes, I'm obsessed with blue. :P)
    Dance parties with JPII! Whoohoo, my heart just boinged at that one! <3 :) Thanks for the smile, once again, girlie!

    1. Thaankks..girl! YAY FOR DANCE PARTIES WITH POPES. And Jesus. ;)

  2. Love the jacket! So cute!
    Isn't that the best thing about being Catholic? Just the fact that we can say we will be able to meet our favourite saints in Heaven is so unreal. #macarenawithpadrepio

    1. Thanks, chica! Hahhaa...YES. It's so amazing to think about.