October 5, 2014

The perfect time

Autumn. It's a beautiful season, really. It's two months of chilly, breezy days perfect for a cup of hot coco. Perfect weather to cuddle under a thick quilt, reading a book..whether it be about a sappy romance or a daring adventure. Or maybe it's just the perfect time to write a few pages in your diary. It's the perfect time to bring out those cute sweaters, boots and scarfs that have been peeking out of your closet, just begging to be used. It's the perfect time to wear gorgeous jewel-tone clothing, nail polish and makeup. It's the perfect season for indulging in pumpkin pie, topped with extra whipped cream. Perfect for bonfires, warm apple cider, messy side braids, and comfy leggings with cute dresses. It's the perfect time to enjoy the chilly, yet still warm weather before the trees are bare and the ground is frozen. Annd it's also the perfect time for soft, jazzy music. aka Michael Buble. Just keepin' it real..y'all. Hehe. ;)

Thanks for reading..lovelies. Happy Sunday! 


  1. Love. Love. LOVE!!! everything about this post, gorgeous girl. You're so cute :) And, yes, nothing beats hot cocoa! That sounds amazing right now <3

    -- Rachel

  2. You described Autumn perfectly (especially the Michael Buble part ;) ♥

  3. Amen! And of course, crunching through leaves:)

  4. Warm apple cider! And, yup, the diary has been calling... (hehe, I still have to write about summer. :P)
    Your posts are always so SWEET. <3 They make me happy. :)
    ^and yes, leaves. :)

  5. I am now listening to Michael Buble....

    1. Haha, well I'm glad. He's pretty rad.