December 30, 2014

Courage Dear Heart // guest post

Sometimes we are most afraid of things that we really want or need to do.

The world is constantly telling us we can't do that because we don't look like this, we can't have this job because we don't have the right education, we aren't brave enough.

We were not made to be woman of fear but woman who just do it because of His Grace.

We can't live in fear because then we will miss the joy in living. 

So sometimes you just need to do it.

Pick up a camera.

Wear gold eyeliner. 

Run a marathon (or just run for 15 minutes).

Try a new hairstyle.

Wear that neon orange or leopard print. 

Work those cobalt blue pumps.

Make a cheesecake.

Switch up your daily coffee order.

Learn to cha-cha. 

Start a blog.

Go zip-lining.

Pick up that 500 page book you been wanting to read.

Tell those who mean the world to you how much you appreciate them.

Wear some sparkle.

Chase your dream job or internship.

Take a roadtrip with friends.

Go to a summer concert. 

Study abroad. 

Paint your nails some bright exotic color. 

Wear statement necklaces. 

Redecorate your room.

Get a new wardrobe.

Share your hopes and goals with a friend.

Thrown a dart on a map and travel to wear it lands.

Eat dessert first.

Join a bookclub.

Dye your hair.

Go on daily walks.

Have a lunch date with a friend.

Write to a pen-pal.

Life is short. Don't be lazy.

Just do it.

Living a grace-filled life means knowing your fears and conquering them. 

Don't dream your life - Live your dream


  1. This series is so inspiring Grace! Thank you for this lovely post :)

  2. This really spole to me. Thanks for the inspiration! #Godstimingisperfect

    1. God knows what we need and when we need it...

  3. This was such an inspiring post! Thank you for writing it. :) It's so true that in order to life a grace-filled life we need to conquer our fears so we can live joyfully. Life is too short to live in fear anyway.

    1. YES Elizabeth! I pray 2015 will be a year lived to the fullest!