December 16, 2014

Living a Grace-filled Life // guest post

Hola chicas!

I was so excited when Abbey asked me to do guest post on her blog, but It did take me a while to finally decide what I want to talk about. :)
I'm going to be doing a mini series using the "31 Days" challenge outline. I'll be posting every day, yes you read that right every day, starting December 16-January 15.

I have chosen to write about how to live out our calling as women of God. As many of you know I have a great passion for teaching young woman about their authentic femininity and what a precious gift we as woman possess. I will share some tips and encouragement that I pray will inspire you in some way.

I hope you will join me along this journey as we discover together what it means to live out our unique calling and finding His grace in our current vocation: as a sister, friend, daughter, student, and a Catholic woman.

Day 1: 31 Days to Living a Grace-filled Life
Day 2: What it Means to be a Young Woman of God
Day 3: Embracing Womanhood
Day 4: Singlehood
Day 5: Finding Yourself
Day 6: It's Okay to Say NO
Day 7: Loving Yourself
Day 8: Courage Dear Heart
Day 9: Loving the now (Wintertime)
Day 10: Inspiration
Day 11: Dear Girls of the World...
Day 12: Live a Colorful Life (Fashion)
Day 13: Live in Beauty
Day 14: Dressing Up
Day 15: Godly Friendships
Day 16: Words From Woman
Day 17: My Life
Day 18: All Things Pretty
Day 19: Live For Joy
Day 20: A Woman After His Own Heart
Day 21: Dream Big
Day 22: She Walks In Beauty
Day 23: Live For Others
Day 24: Art In The Making
Day 25: Style In Dress
Day 26: Woman: God's Masterpiece
Day 27: The Cross of Beauty
Day 28: Using Your Platform
Day 29: Catholic Advice For Every Girl
Day 30: Let It Go
Day 31: Loving the Now

Thanks so much, Grace! I'm so happy you'll be guest posting here for the next few weeks. 


  1. I'm really looking forward to it!

  2. This looks really interesting! I'm not Catholic, but will enjoy following along anyway. :)

    1. I hope every young woman (catholic or not) will enjoy Grace's upcoming posts! She really has a knack this subject. ;)

    2. Olivia, I'm so glad you will be able to join! It's humbling knowing that people from all different backgrounds are reading my posts.

  3. Replies
    1. I know I will be growing along the way with you. <3

  4. Wow, this is really similar to the series Grace Dalton did on her blog. It had the exact same title and even covered a lot of the same topics. I totally recommend it for more inspiration... and not just because I contributed to it. Haha. She's pretty awesome and she shared so much of her heart in it.

    1. Oh really!? Thanks for the link I'll check it out!