December 31, 2014

Loving the now // guest post

Living in His Grace means living in the now. Living out to the fullest our current vocation.

Embracing where we are + what we are doing. Embracing the current season we're in.
They're are so many messages in the season of Winter if we just stop to ponder them.

Loving... the octave of Christmas.

Loving... cool crisp winter mornings.

Loving... staying up to the wee hours because I just have to finish this one chapter.

Loving... Christmas music.

Loving... that it is Senior year.

Loving...current friendships.

Loving... the season for scarfs + leggings + boots.

Loving... warm blankets. 

Loving... leftover ham from Christmas dinner.

Loving... holiday dances.

Loving... the season of giving.

Loving... snow (to bad I haven't got any this season)

Loving... my favorite winter color combo of neutrals with pops of color.

Loving...that new TV seasons start up in Jan. *d.abbey*

Loving... the start of a new year to become the person God has created me to be.

Loving... receiving some new jp2 merchandise.

Loving... after Christmas sales.

Loving... gingerbread candles.

I hope the rest of your Christmas break + winter season is filled with things you love.

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