December 29, 2014

Loving yourself // guest post

17. This is an exciting age.

I'm a Senior in High School with college on the horizon and endless possibilities. 

I am beginning to learn what kind of person, what kind of young woman I want to be. I am starting to understand the style and qualities I am drawn to.

Even though I have been one to not really let others opinions get to me, I am now beginning to fully understands what that means. 

I have a thing for Kate Spade.

Part of learning who I am and what my position is as a young woman is learning to love the different qualities and gifts I have.

I love the gold + white color combo.

Bright colors = happiness.

I adore a perfectly winged eyeliner.

I love being organized.

Rainy days are beautiful.

Jazz is perfect baking music.

Peplum tops are my thing.

I want to visit the Swiss Alps.

A good summer day with a nice tan as a result is a wonderful ending.

Iced coffee is my thing.

I have a great love for shoes. Period.

I walk better in heels then I do flats. #randomfunfact

I have a soft spot for old Hollywood singers. Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Chet Baker, Nat King Cole. They get me every-time.  ♥

I love to dress up every chance I get.

Photography is good therapy.

I have an endless reading list.

I am a foodie: I love trying any and every cuisine.

I have found a great love for French tip nails.

Catholic Tshirts are awesome.

Scarfs + statement necklaces are the most perfect accessories. ever. 

I'm a MAJOR Catholic fangirl.

Can we just say how chic cat eyed sunglasses are.

 "You can't love other people if you can't love yourself."


  1. Gah, I adore your mint dress, dear!

    1. And this post was so inspirational + so..YOU. Loved it. :)

    2. Thanks Abbey, I'm in love with it as well. I got it for the Waltz of the Snowflake dance at my church.