January 10, 2015

Dressing Up // guest post

Part of being a woman is the great privilege of dressing up. Those that know me know that I LOVE dressing up! I literally plan my outfits for months down the road. ;)

Okay so this is how you dress up:

Step 1- Find the perfect get ready music. Red High Heels by Kelly Clarkson, FOUR album by One Direction, Adele, Taylor Swift, anything like those will work.

Step 2 -Okay now that you have the perfect tunes it's time to prep your face. Foundation, blush, mascara, & lipstick.

Step 3 - You can try a unique style or simply comb it, add a few curls and set the style with some hairspray. Whatever suites your mood.

Step 4 - Now comes the fun stuff, dressing up! Dressing up doesn't just mean being dressed in diamonds from head to toe. It just means putting some effort into your look.

Here are three outfits I like, one for church, a casual look, and a fancy one.

 This one I think is very appropriate for church. It has some bling but is not overly gaudy and it still has a feminine touch to it.

I would definitely wear this! It's casual yet still put together. And the pearl earrings, very classy. :)

How beautiful is this!? I actually would probably wear this to church, but it is appropriate for most fancy occasions.

What are some of your favorite ways to dress up?


  1. These outfits are so pretty! I love the second one especially.

  2. Beautiful outfits. I never thought of playing music while getting read, but me oh my that is genius. I think my life while forever be just a tad bit more exciting. Thanks : )