May 6, 2015

two workout looks || collab with Graciela

Hey, loves!

Today I have two pretty adorable (I mean who wouldn't wear those star patterned pants?!) to share with you, and also a few healthy snack ideas for both before you workout, and after! 

Exercising can be super beneficial to your body and overall health, but eating foods that are healthy and packed with nutrients in addition to exercising is also super important. For example, these peanut butter & oatmeal bites have an amazing source of protean, which is perfect for a before/after workout snack! Two of my other favorite healthy snacks would be smoothies, and apples + peanut butter. (Can you tell that I love peanut butter?!) Smoothies are also great because you can throw in fruits like raspberries (full of antioxidants!) or bananas (packed with potassium) to make a delicious, and super healthy breakfast or snack. And of course, peanut butter covered apples will always be a go-to snack for me. Again, the granola on these little apple wedges is filling, and the phytonutrients in apples can help with regulating blood sugar which is an added bonus to this quick & yummy snack to munch on. 

Now onto the most exciting part! Today for this post I'll be doing a collaboration with the gorgeous, sweet Grace from the blog Graciela. She'll also be sharing a few thoughts on these topics, so I totally recommend checking out her post today + giving her a quick follow, you wont regret it! 


working out in style #3

working out in style #2

What are your favorite before/after workout snacks? 
Do you see yourself wearing outfit #1 or #2? 

Thanks for reading, lovelies! 


  1. I'd wear the pants and shoes of #1, but the blue top of #2. ;) Am I allowed to do that? I vote yes. Anyway, my favorite after-workout snack is always strawberries and granola and a teeny tiny bit of milk (milk does weird things to my insides, but I love the taste).

    The Starving Inspired

    1. Haha, I love that combo as well! ;) MmmMM. I adore strawberries + granola together.

      Thanks for the comment, lovely!

  2. Hooray for healthy food and workout clothes! My favorite workout snack is probably a smoothie made from frozen cherries, ice, cashew milk, and a bit of chocolate protein powder. I love the second outfit, but the first is nice too. My favorite running tee that I've ever seen is one that says "I run this town... one mile at a time."

    1. Gosh, that sounds delish. :) And that's cute! Haha!

      Thanks for the comment, Susanna!