September 4, 2015

22 Things I Love About Autumn

I'm really an Autumn girl at heart. And it's not just celebrating my Birthday in's almost every wondrous aspect of the chilly season every year that makes my soul happy. 

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1. The cool + breezy days
2. Sitting by a crackling fire surrounded by the sound of soft laughter of friends + family
3. Wearing chic leather jackets 
4. The sweet + salty taste of caramel apples 
5. Buying new school supplies
6. The extra whipped cream on pumpkin pie 
7. Soft, pretty scarfs in deep jewel tones
8. Listening to swoon-worthy artists like Michael Buble + Ben Rector (check out this hip playlist)
9. Making homemade cups of hot cocoa or spicy chai lattes 
10. Taking long walks through the park with the leaves crunching underfoot
11. Warm cinnamon buns for breakfast 
12. Autumn scented candles
13. Movie nights 
14. Taking the day to go apple picking 
15. Fall holidays 
16. Watching with antiscipation for the trees to turn their cheery summer gowns of green into rich, royal colors of red + yellow
17. rocking dark lip colors 
18. Wearing thick, knitted socks around the house 
19. Layering cardigans with classic dresses 
20. Nail polish in dark tones like burgundy + hunter green
21. Shopping for new cozy, fall clothes
22. Latte dates with friends at darling little coffee shops

And just a million other things. What gets you excited for Autumn? 

Abbey Noelle


  1. Gah, I love this! The hardest part about going to college in Florida is that I miss out on fall... and having lived in Michigan my entire life until last August, that is SO HARD for me because I LOVE fall, so I miss it so much! Thankfully though, this year I'm going home for my fall break in mid-October, so I'll get to experience a few precious days of fall :D

    1. Thank you so much, girl! Oh poor dear! That must be a huge challenge. But enjoy that fall break, girlfriend!!

  2. Every. Single. Thing. On. This. List. Love it :)

  3. All of the Autumn! Okay, I'm done. I'm so ready for Fall, you have no idea!

  4. You captured my thoughts about fall perfectly!

    ❤ Blaze Ann

  5. These are so true. :) fall is the best season!

    1. Aren't they? ;) Haha. Autumn truly is scrumptious.