September 20, 2015

Blog-tember // Guilty Pleasures

Well hey there, lovely. 

I'm back....without ever saying goodbye! I was posting so often, ever since the beginning of the summer, and I unintentionally took a break from it all. I'm back and planning on finishing this Blog-tember challenge! I'm super pumped to get back into it, but I also knew from the start I wouldn't be posting every day. But it's all cool. Totally okay with that fact. Anyway, today's prompt is all about guilty pleasures! Wont this be fun?! 

Prompt: It's guilty pleasure time! Shows, books, songs, whatever it may be.

Late night reading - Because I'm a bookworm and sometime you just need to read one more page. Or chapter.

Downton Abbey - Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with this show, and I just finished season five. I love the gowns, the drama, the richly furnished rooms, everything!

Late night baking - Sounds scandalous but I promise it isn't. ;) You'll notice that some of my guilty pleasures are during the dark hours, but that's just because I'm a total night owl.

Sleeping in - Because how else would I survive my late night partying? ;)

Pinterest - Oh gosh, this is a huge guilty pleasure! It's so fun, but very addicting. Find my profile here + give me a follow! 

Anything beauty related - I've loved makeup ever since I was thirteen (oh, the days of uneven eyeliner and too much blush...) and it's a passion of mine. I've never been very artistic when it comes to painting or drawing, but makeup has always been a different story. I don't wear it everyday, and I don't believe in covering anything up because you + I already such beautiful women God has created...but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with makeup!

Watching Arrow - This show has got me HOOKED. I can't get enough of it. 

This playlist - This is called my Autumn Loves playlist on Spotify. I've been majorly obsessed with it lately.

Daydreaming - This is kind of a wacky guilty pleasure, but I'm such a daydreamer. Which is something very few people know about me.

Well that's enough of my guilty pleasures for today. ;) What are some of yours? 

Hugs and kisses 
Abbey Noelle 


  1. DOWNTON ABBEY. YES. OHMYGOSH. That is my favorite show! I bawled like a baby watching the last episode of Season 5!!! And the trailer for Season 6 made me cry too, haha. I don't know how I'm going to wait until January to watch it...!!!!
    I share some of your other guilty pleasures too, particularly Pinterest and sleeping in ;)

    1. YESSSS ISN'T IT INCREDIBLY, ADDICTIVELY AMAZING?! Gah. So glad I have a fellow fan-girl who's just obsessed as I am about DA. I haven't seen the trailer for season six yet but I'm dying to! I'll have to get on that. ;)

      Haha, sleeping in has it's disadvantages, but it usually feels so good despite of it all. ;)

      THANK YOU so much for commenting, it was so fun to read. You're a true gem. <3

  2. Yay! Fellow night owl! I read at night too; I tried baking once but I made too much noise :(
    I'm so excited for Downton Abbey! I really need to try and get caught up with the first two seasons before then though.
    Mint ice cream with a movie is one of my guilty pleasures :)

    1. Haha!! Night Owls unite! ;) Haha, making noise can be a problem. Especially when you're clumsy like me! Totally get that.

      I LOVE MINT ICE CREAM. Seriously, so delicious! Thanks for commenting, lovely!

  3. I love Arrow!! Have you watched The Flash? I honestly like it even more.

    1. ;) YAY A FELLOW FAN GIRL! No, I haven't! It's on my to-watch list but maybe I should bump it up and give it a try! <3 Thanks for the comment, love!

  4. Downton Abby, late night reading and baking, Pinteresting, and always all the sleeping in! ;)