September 25, 2015

Blog-tember // Music I'm connecting with

Hey, guys + gals! Today is September twenty-fifth, which calls for another Blog-tember post! I've had so much fun with this challenge, and I hope you guys have liked seeing everything from my favorite fashion trends to what music I'm jamming out to. Which brings me to today's prompt: 

Three songs you're connecting with right now.
Lost by Michael Buble 
Wildfire by Ben Rector 
Oh My Stars by Andrew Belle 

Well, my first answer was pretty obvious due to the picture of this handsome fellow below, but oh well. What's a girl gonna do?! ;) So that's it for today, loves! Check back in on Sunday to see some of my wishlist items! 

Abbey Noelle 


  1. Michael Buble is amazing, enough said.

    1. Definitely, enough said! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Have I ever mentioned how much I love your blog? You are so bright and cheerful and even though I always forget to comment (BAD ME) your posts put a smile on my face.
    (Also, tickled pink that you like Michael buble too!I haven't been keeping up with him very consistently, though. ..need to go and look up his new stuff!)

    1. Oh my gosh, you're like the sweetest ever! Thank you, Olivia! You just made my day 110% brighter. Michael is AMAZING and you should totally give him another listen sometime soon. :) <3