September 6, 2015

Blog-tember | Personal Style

Hey, babes! I'm back for yet another Blog-tember post. The prompt for today is right up my alley, so I'm really excited for this! 

Prompt: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid? 

fall fashions

Anyone who knows me, knows that fashion is one of my biggest passions. You'll often find me creating new looks on my Polyvore, pinning the day away on my Pinterest (why is Pinterest so dang addicting!?) or writing up a new outfit post here on the blog. :) Shopping is something that makes me happy and is a ton of fun, especially thrift shopping! I rarely buy anything brand-new these days because I can find such bang for my buck at stores like Goodwill, Plato's Closet, Clothes Mentor, and local boutiques. Not to mention scoring high-end brands like Ann Taylor or Gap.

But onto my personal style! I would describe my style as very feminine + sophisticated. As you can see, Autumn is my absolute favorite season to dress for! There's just something about the gorgeous, deep jewel tones that I love and the fact that layering is possible because of the colder weather. I like dressing up and looking cute, but lets be real! When I'm at home chillin' you'll find me in workout leggings & a sweatshirt. ;) #comfortforthewin Now as for trends..I like some and I dislike others.

Lace + Crochet
The last couple of years lace has become more popular again, and I'm all for it! Lace is so pretty + feminine, so I jumped onto this trend. Lets hope it stays for awhile!

Skater Skirts
I really like the look of skater skirts, because they're fitted at the natural waist and flare out to create a nice silhouette. My only problem with them is that when I find one that fits my smaller waist, it's waaaaay too short. Because...hello curves. Skirts in general have been harder for me to find because of my figure, but I'm still on the lookout.

Big scarves 
So scarves aren't as big this year as they were last year or even the year before, but they're still fairly popular & I still love them for their warmth and overall cute addition to any outfit fancy or casual!

High-waisted skinny jeans 
Skinnies have obviously been pretty trendy the last few years, but recently high-waisted skinnies have taken the spotlight. Even more so than the other trends I've seen + liked, I am completely on board for this. I just recently bought a pair of thrifted American Eagle high-waisted jeans, and I'm in love. They flatter my figure really well, and I can't wait to find new ways to style them. (Also, this article on this trend is a great read! Check it out!)

And finally,

Okay, so I've seen some women rock these. (Example one + two) but to be honest, off of Pinterest, the only women I've seen wear overalls are teenage girls. And I feel like they can be worn modestly & even fashionably, but the girls I've seen sport these overalls also wear extremely tight crop top's underneath (basically a bra with slightly more fabric) and it's disappointing to see. I'm not a complete hater of this trend, but I don't personally see myself ever buying a pair. (Although I have to say, it brought back fun memories of the lime-green pair I wore when I was little..haha!)

Abbey Noelle


  1. Yeah, I've been seeing the bandeau + overalls thing too and I'm just like "what? that's considered clothing?" I'm not really an overalls person myself but my cousin was trying to get a pair this summer and I think they'd look cute on her. Overalls are one of those things for me that look cute on other people but not necessarily me.

    I want to try high-waisted skinnies; I always get either mid-rise or low-rise but I've never tried high-waist. I'd really love to get a pair and do a sort of throw-back look with them. That'd be awesome ^^

    Love this post! ^^

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Haha, same here girl! :) You should totally look out for a pair! They are both comfy and cute and I bet they'd look great on you.
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! They always make my day.

  2. Lace + scarves + high waisted jeans are my life! And I'm totally with you on the skirt thing, it's so hard to find a skirt that fits right. I'm too short for most maxi skirts, and all the short skirts are too short. I definitely want to start wearing skirts more, though, so I'm constantly looking for some.

    1. Yay!! Aren't they amazing?! And so comfortable. And I'm so glad (in a way) that I'm not the only girl who struggles with skirt shopping. Stay strong! ;)

  3. Well now I have to go spend an hour or two going through your Pinterest boards.