March 16, 2017


Hello my lovely friends!

It has indeed been several months since my last update, and so much has happened since then that I'm excited to share with you all. This will just be a short + sweet update today because I'm preparing for a trip as I write this and I'll be traveling to my destination when this post goes live but I wanted to post a little update nevertheless.

Tomorrow I leave on a train for a trip to Michigan for my childhood best friend Katie's wedding and to visit family and friends for nearly two weeks. I take a trip to Michigan and Indiana about once or twice a year to visit my brother, grandparents, and other family members. However this time I'll be traveling alone! I've gotten used to having an adventure buddy, but I'm looking forward to experiencing what it's like to travel solo. As I've mentioned on my Instagram, I'm planning on keeping my Instagram Stories updated throughout the duration of my trip. So if you'd like to stay updated on what I'll be doing the next two weeks, definitely check out my Insta and give me a follow at @missabbeynoelle.

Another state I'd like to make a trip out to this spring is South Dakota to visit my boyfriend Gregory and to meet his family for the first time. And that brings me to some big news..I'm no longer a single girl! It's a long story (which I plan to write out and post on here) but basically I fell in love with my best friend. I met Gregory two years ago and we've been officially dating for three weeks this Saturday! He's truly an outstanding guy and I can't wait to share the beginning of our story with you all. I need to get some sleep so I can fully enjoy my travel day tomorrow, but I'm glad I can at least share this little update on what's been going on in my life. Talk to you soon, lovelies!

Much love,
Abbey Noelle

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